This will make you look away

Christian Bale in the Prestige. There’s only one way he can do that trick… isn’t there?

Has a friend ever told you they’ve seen someone who looked just like you? It’s not that hard to find people who look similar (and it can be quite useful in certain magic tricks as you can imagine!) but there’s a slightly more creepy kind of ‘doppelganger’. Legend has it there are ghost-like beings that take on the form of their victims, and whose appearances are a bad omen.

The internet is full of spooky doppelganger stories (the story of Emilie Sagée will give you goosebumps) and a few famous people are said to have had visits from mysterious doubles.

Abraham Lincoln supposedly saw a vision in the mirror of his face reflected twice, one paler than the other – his wife thought this meant he would be re-elected, but die in his second term, as indeed he did. The poet Shelley saw a vision of himself pointing to the sea shortly before drowning in it, and writer Guy de Maupassant’s double helpfully dictated his work for him. After Queen Elizabeth I saw her dying double in her deathbed, she soon followed suit.

What do you think? Is it just electrical stimulation of the brain, a glimpse into a parallel universe, a side-effect of too much absinthe… or are there things out there we can’t explain?


Ancient Astronauts

A religious artefact, or evidence we’ve had some advanced visitors?

I was just reading about this very intriguing theory. If you’ve seen Prometheus, the latest Indiana Jones one, or even Transformers you’ll already be familiar with the theory that thousands of years ago, human evolution had a helping hand from “visitors”.

Some people believe that amazing ancient constructions like the pyramids and stonehenge were constructed with extraterrestrial assistance, and that civilisations like the Mayans might have had some help with their maths and astronomy. In most religious texts, strange UFO-like beings with superior knowledge are always descending from the sky in balls of fire. But were they really based on aliens? It’s an exciting idea, isn’t it?! I’m going to check out ‘Chariots of the Gods’ by Erich von Daniken, meanwhile, have a look at the pictures below and judge for yourself. What do you think?  Continue reading