Optical Illusions are the Simplest Form of Magic!

An optical illusion for you, a real trick to the senses wouldn’t you agree?

I just love optical Illusions. The experience is based on our sight and how our eyes interpret what we see. Optical illusions are all about perception and presentation, it’s the simplest form of magic!

The illusion of 3D in cinema is a hot topic these days but I won’t tell you how it works. It takes the magic out of the experience, and to be honest I really don’t know. I just know that the amount of technology used to trick our brain into seeing 3d images in cinemas is immense.

Ali x

Also here’s some last minute news for a show I’m doing tonight at Shoreham’s Outside the Box Comedy Club  here, Come on down if you’re nearby!


Off to Momo Bar in Northampton

What a great video this is. Climbing up a ladder to catch a massive spider whilst letting your daughter videotape the whole thing. Sure, why not!

Off to Northampton for my next show at the Momo Bar. It’s a new lounge bar establishment that has a great atmosphere surrounding it, I know it will be an awesome show on Thursday.

Momo bar aside, I hear that this place is home country to Alan Moore, he’s pretty well-known for writing graphic novels and also is quite the magician, big fan of his stuff.  By the way,  the new Doctor Who is from Northampton, maybe I’ll see the TARDIS on my way here. Can always hope!

Ali x

Comedy Central at Winchester University

Hey all,

Getting ready for the Comedy Central show at Winchester University. Once again I’ll be showcasing some more of my newest pre-tour material, it’s always fun to see if these baby mammoth sized chunks of extremely top-secret and highly untested content can get the crowd going! “But does it ever?” you ask, well come and find out!

I’m sharing the stage with a bunch of very funny people but don’t worry, I’m the one with the jokes, the magic and my little Sharon so you can’t miss me.
Come see us on this Tuesday @ 8pm!

Ali x