The REAL exorcism of Emily Rose

The devil has all the best illusions

How about a spooky story for Halloween? Remember a film called The Exorcism of Emily Rose that came out a few years ago? Scary, wasn’t it? Well, this is worse…

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The most realistic horror ever made

I was really excited to hear that the BBC are going to show a behind-the-scenes documentary about “Ghostwatch“, that terrifying mockumentary from the 90s where Sarah Greene and Mike Smith investigate a poltergeist. This show scared people so much it was banned from being repeated!

This hallowe’en will be its 20 year anniversary, and it’s said to have inspired everything from Derren Brown’s Seance to the Blair Witch Project.

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What are you most afraid of?

Ethan Hawke has some justifiable fears, in Sinister (2012)

I recently saw a brilliant film called Sinister as part of the Film4 Frightfest (check out the trailer) and it made me think about the stuff that sends shivers down the spine. Some fears are definitely more rational than others. Lots of people are scared of the dark which sort of makes sense from an evolutionary point of view when you think about it, and explains why most horror films are so gloomy.

But just look at all the other stuff people are scared of. Tetraphobics are afraid of the number 4, and Xanthophobics are terrified of the colour yellow! And if you suffer from Papaphobia you should probably steer clear of the Vatican.

Some experts think we enjoy horror films so much because they show us what we don’t need to fear. Watching a woman give birth to Satan definitely puts your own problems into perspective.

Speaking of fear, do you know about the Wilhelm scream? It’s one of the best sound effects ever, and has been used in so many classic films. I love this compilation video:


Zombies in Real Life & Bill Pullman

There’s nothing freakier than zombies, so what if they actually existed? Scary stuff! I remember as a kid there was a movie that was eerie because it was true.

The Serpent and the Rainbow ’touched upon the subject of zombies and how a powerful poison powder (tetrodotoxin) would actually put a person into a near dead state. The freakiest part of this powder was that the person who took this poison became a prisoner in their own body. They are awake but they can’t move or speak…Imagine taking the powder and being buried alive!

I have to give a nod to the switcheroo scene in the movie where Bill Pullman uses sleight of hand to switch the poison vial with a fake vial…I also remember that the nail scene in The Serpent and the Rainbow was extremely uncomfortable to watch as a child, but it was way more horrifying to see the psychological brutality unfold in Hard Candy. So much pain inflicted to male private parts in movies, Ouch.

Ali x

The Psychology Game in Movies

Psychological horror is a big interest of mine, I get my kicks from watching movies and playing videogames about Horror; in fact I recently found some time to buzz my way through a PS2 classic I picked up a while ago; a cult classic called Project Zero II. It’s a mind-bender of a game that works on so many levels because the message of spirits, kinship, promise, betrayal and sacrifice is so powerful.

Good horror movies such as Shutter, and the Orphanage also tend to carry a fable-like quality to them. They drum up the level of suspense and mentally invade your comfort zone. I don’t know what makes a great horror movie but I do know that the art of misdirection is a big plus in my books. The ‘knocking noise’ in the Orphanage and the ‘neck pain’ in Shutter are seeded at the start of the movie and called back to for the big reveal.

Ali x