Magicians and their Fashion choices

What is it with magicians and fashion? The two just don’t go together. Most magicians struggle to look even remotely stylish. It’s all about the uniform of dinner-jacket and white shirt and occasionally a wacky coloured bow-tie if the magician is feeling “zany” . I guess magicians are too busy practising in their bedrooms to keep up to date with “the new black”.

David Copperfield Polar neck chic

The only alternative to the dinner jacket is the David Copperfield polar-neck (mind you, credit to him -David can really work that look!)

And I know jacket sleeves have to be rolled up so the audience can see we’re not “cheating” but that’s why we all look like we’ve stepped off the set of Miami Vice.

Don Johnson working his magic in Miami Vice

Actually Miami Vice is wishful thinking- it’s more Eighties Game show host- think Les Dennis Family Fortunes circa 1982.

Now I’m not saying that I’m any different- I’ve been wearing the same outfit since 1997. Although I would like to have a go at the David Copperfield  polar neck look …maybe this year…