Ali has written and starred in seven British television series including ‘Dirty Tricks’ (Channel 4) and ‘Monkey Magic ‘(Five), (both nominated for the British Comedy Awards & the Golden Rose of Montreux),
‘Psychic Secrets Revealed’ with Derren Brown (Five) & ‘the Jerry @ Trick show’ with Jerry Sadowitz (Five).

His irreverent persona and respected sleight of hand have made him one of the pioneers of the alternative magic scene. His 2010 live show, ‘Pieces of Strange’, was in the top 2% of best reviewed shows according to The British Comedy Guide. 2011 saw his third sell-out Edinburgh show, ‘Principles and Deceptions’, which was nominated for a 6 star award.

Ali Cook‘s latest film role was this summer in Bob Hoskins feature ‘Outside Bet’. He has just co-written the feature film ‘Get Lucky’ in which he also starred (due for release with Universal Pictures).
Ali has written and produced his own short film ‘The Enchanter: The Crime Fighting Magician’ directed by Adrian Vitoria. He is currently writing the screenplay for comedy drama Cassy and Jude for F&me.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Ali, Hope all good with you.

    Just wondered if you could cover a gig for me this Friday in Bedford – 07956 409322

    Mandy Muden

  2. Dear Ali

    You came up to my table at the Garden two nights ago and showed us a card trick. Myself and my friend sitting across from me were wearing volunteer passes.

    You said to me ‘have you been to my show’ because I looked familiar and half interested in the trick. I mentioned that I volunteered at a regular basis at Caravan and that I was working this Wednesday and Thursday late shift there.

    I said to you that I would love to come to your show but I would have to wait and see how much Fringe Credit I would have due to being broke this fortnight. You said if I email you that you would be able to sort something out.

    If I could either have half price tickets or two free tickets for Thursday night I would be brimming from ear to ear.

    A quick description of me (to jog your memory) is that I have a birdcage tattoo on my left wrist and three origami birds on my right wrist. I have pixi style short hair on my right hand side and longer on my left (an asymmetrical cut) my name is Lisa Hayton and I am twenty-six.

    Hopefully I will get a reply before Thursday I would love to see your show properly (although the piece I see at Caravan on my shifts is rather entertaining).

    Look forward to hearing from you soon

    Keep up the good work

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