Weirdest coincidences ever

The Titanic disaster was predated a few years before by a story about an unsinkable ship called the “Titan”. Creepy…

Have you ever heard a word on the radio just as you were reading the same word? If you think that’s weird, this will blow your mind.

The 1898 story “Futility” is about the maiden voyage of unsinkable transatlantic cruise liner, the Titan, which sinks on her maiden voyage after hitting an iceberg. Many of the other details, like the date and number of people on board, were very close to reality.

Anthony Hopkins was asked to appear in “The Girl From Petrovka” in 1973, based on a novel by George Feifer. Hopkins couldn’t find the book anywhere, then suddenly came across it on a bench in a train station. That would be weird enough for most of us, but it turned out to be Feifer’s own copy!

A set of identical twins in Ohio were separated at birth and adopted by different families. Both families named them James. Both then sought law-enforcement training and both married a Linda. Not enough for you? They both had sons: one called James Alan and the other named James Allan. Both Jameses divorced and remarried women named Betty. They even both called their dogs Toy.

More on this here (but be careful, we magicians know that things that look like coincidences are not always what they seem!)


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