Is this a real time traveller?

Look at the picture on the left there. Spot anything odd? The picture was taken in 1940 but chap in the sunglasses look a bit modern? Here he is closer up.

This analysis explains that most of this look is in keeping with the 40s after all, but what about these…

1. Two British couples holidaying in France in 1979 were looking for a place to stay for the night. Eventually they found a very old-fashioned hotel where people wore very simple clothing. After travelling for a couple of weeks before returning to the area and looked for the cheap hotel again – but it was nowhere to be found.

2. A similar thing happened to two respectable, academic women, Moberly and Jourdain when they visited Versailles in 1901. Everything suddenly went grey and strange and much more old-fashioned – were they experiencing a ‘time slip’? One of them even thought she saw Marie Antoinette!

3. The guy with the mohawk with the white shirt in the middle of the pic below looks a bit too modern for that scene, doesn’t he?

4. Check this out. It’s an old Charlie Chaplin movie… but who’s that on their mobile phone?!


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