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How to predict the future

Magicians are always claiming to read minds but (I know this will come as a shock) some of us are cheating, some of the time. Not always, of course. Most of us are magic.

Personally, I am magic, but I’m still impressed by the idea of Remote Viewing. Could it be the real deal? If you’ve seen or read Jon Ronson’s “The Men Who Stare At Goats” you’ll be familiar with the stories about secret military units who use psychics for spying. Ronson found soldiers are being trained to walk through walls and kill goats just by staring at them! The Stanford training unit was closed down in 1995, but research into this stuff is still going on.

The Farsight Institute, for example, get lots of interesting results.  They’re doing a psychic climate-change study at the moment, and they do seem to have detected a LOT of disasters before June next year. Luckily there are several different timelines, so we might be OK.

Check out Project Stargate, and these pictures of sketches people have created while remote viewing. Even if you think all this is nonsense, you have to admit some of the predictions are pretty amazing…

The ‘target’ in this remote viewing experiment was a windmill farm. He saw poles, hills, “moving electricity in the form of a grid” and “halo probably not visible to the eye,” at the top of the poles. More here.

This sketcher was 100 miles away, but seems to have got a few of the details of the target (a laboratory) spot on. Check out the line of trees, the road, and the t-shaped building at the top left.

This one saw a tornado coming… 


One Response

  1. There are many RW experiments and achievements. Many say that project was abandoned by military because there was nothing more but few lucky shots… Actually, military said there are a lot of potential in it, but it just can not be used in military purposes.
    I was once on some seminar remote viewer had, and he gave me an image how he does it. He say that he is connecting to a vast space of informations, and wait his subconciousness to pick the data he wants…
    True or not, it doesn’t matter, as long as it depends from a reader and his/her opinion.
    Most popular one is Edgar Cayce, so maybe all non believers and believers could check his story and predictions…

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