How to control your dreams

Lucid dreaming techniques will help you fight back when Leonardo DiCaprio comes to steal your dreams

Have you ever gone through the whole process of getting ready for school or work only to realise you weren’t even awake?! If you want to check if you’re dreaming or even control what happens, you need to learn how to dream lucidly. Here’s how to improve your chances of having this amazing experience…

1) During the day, get into the habit of checking if you’re awake, and eventually these habits will transfer into dreams. Looking at your hands is a good one; your dreaming brain for some reason has a hard time remembering how many fingers you’re supposed to have! Or try jumping up – in dreams we can usually fly.

2) Set your alarm half and hour earlier. You’ll interrupt yourself during REM (dreaming) sleep. Go back to sleep, concentrating on the previous dream and telling yourself you’ll be aware of what’s happening this time.

3) Keep practicing. It’s hard to stay in a lucid state at first, but the more you do it, the better you get. Check out this accountΒ and Stephen LaBerge’s really good book on the subject. The more you think about it, the more likely it is to happen!


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  1. Lucid dreaming is a great experience. It is better than any kind of games… I don’t know what to say more… It is something which you experience once, and you are just stunned with it when you wake up… Everyone should do it at least once…

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