The REAL exorcism of Emily Rose

The devil has all the best illusions

How about a spooky story for Halloween? Remember a film called The Exorcism of Emily Rose that came out a few years ago? Scary, wasn’t it? Well, this is worse…

The movie was based on the true story of Anneliese Michel, a German girl who had was raised Catholic. Anneliese had started behaving strangely in her teens – she couldn’t tolerate crucifixes or holy water and was having seizures, seeing things, etc. Her friends and family all thought she was possessed, so she was subjected to dozens of exorcisms. Tragically, she was allowed to gradually starve herself to death.

Here’s the movie trailer:

Now look at this video, which has images of the real Emily at various stages of her condition, and some extremely freaky sound clips. Whatever you think about demons, it’s a creepy stuff – and of course a very disturbing story for reasons other than the supernatural. Happy Halloween!


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