The most realistic horror ever made

I was really excited to hear that the BBC are going to show a behind-the-scenes documentary about “Ghostwatch“, that terrifying mockumentary from the 90s where Sarah Greene and Mike Smith investigate a poltergeist. This show scared people so much it was banned from being repeated!

This hallowe’en will be its 20 year anniversary, and it’s said to have inspired everything from Derren Brown’s Seance to the Blair Witch Project.

Did you hear Craig Charles saying it was “a bit War of the Worlds”? He’s talking about mass hysteria. Famously, when War of the Worlds first went out on radio it was delivered in a news broadcast style that was so realistic many listeners supposedly thought there really was an alien invasion. Terrifying! Can you imagine?

Some poor 90s viewers definitely seemed to think Ghostwatch was a real, live documentary instead of a pre-recorded show with some decent special effects. BBC switchboards jammed as 30,000 people tried to call in during just one hour, and many callers never got to hear the message explaining the show was a work of fiction.

Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtain is definitely going to be worth a look when it’s released, and get the DVD too.


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