When magic tricks go badly wrong

Magic tricks can be genuinely dangerous, and do sometimes go wrong! In the spike and cups trick, for example, a spectator conceals a metal spike under one of three polystyrene cups while the magician’s back is turned. The magician then slams his hand down on the two empty cups, leaving only the one with the dangerous blade inside. That’s the plan, anyway. This clip has some real footage (not for the squeamish!) Who’s that handsome fellow?

Unsurprisingly, being buried alive can be extremely dangerous. Joseph Burrus got into a plastic coffin and had seven tons of soil and concrete shovelled over him – but tragically the soil level suddenly dropped, crushing him.

The Bullet Catch is a trick that’s claimed a few victims in its time. Most famously, Chung Ling Soo was shot in the chest when his gun malfunctioned. Legend has it that Houdini’s friend Harry Kellar told him not to try a bullet catch. So this is the trick that was too dangerous even for Houdini!

Here’s the world’s most dangerous escape, though…

3 Responses

  1. 😀 must be careful 😀

  2. […] you found the magic trick accidents I showed you the other day too distressing, you might not want to read on! Serious […]

  3. Ha ha indeed

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