Get over your fear of heights

Have you seen Man on Wire (not to to be confused with Man on a Ledge or Man on Fire)? It’s a superb documentary and an absolutely incredible story. Acrobatic performer Philippe Petit pulled off what’s been called the ‘art crime of the century’ – back in 1974, he actually managed to walk a tightrope between New York’s twin towers.

It’s mindblowing in so many ways, but it’s not the only amazing highwire feat. Italian performer Maria Spelterini was the first woman to cross Niagra Falls, and did it a number of times: blindfolded, shackled, baskets on feet – everything. The Flying Wallendas are a wire-walking family troupe known for dangerous human pyramids, and if you Google Image Search modern daredevil Eskil Rønningsbakken you’ll find some really unbelievable pictures involving bicycles and hot air balloons.

Have a look at this trailer from Man on Wire – and watch the film!


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