It’s not the end of the world…

Is the world going to end this year? Well, I looked into it, and as it turns out, probably not. That’s a relief isn’t it? Phew! Now, get out from under the table, and look at what I discovered.

Some people think the Mayans predicted doomsday for December 21st 2012. I’m not sure when we started paying so much attention to the ancient Mayans anyway, but luckily this isn’t actually what they said at all.

They had a totally different way of measuring time, and although one of their ‘cycles’ may end on the 21st of December, there’s no suggestion that time itself will end!  In fact, only one monument from their civilisation even mentions the date, and that’s probably just refering to the building it was carved on, not the end of the world.

Scientists don’t think anything is going to crash into us, either – the most famous space threat, Nibiru, doesn’t even exist. So that really just leaves zombies… and I’m happy to take my chances with them. How about a game while we wait to find out for sure? How many of these apocalypse films can you name?


One Response

  1. It isn’t Nibiru I worry about. It’s the brightest comet. And what we can do to ourselves. The world is on the edge of nuclear war. The economy is going down the tubes all over the world.

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