How to make a hare disappear

ImageRemember Anneka Rice on telly, flying around in a helicopter hunting for treasure? Everyone was into puzzles and money back in the 80s, so things that involved both of those were bound to do well! Do you remember the book ‘Masquerade’?

Through pictures and mysterious bits of text, Masquerade tells the story of a hare who loses some treasure. It looked like a really beautiful kids picture book about woodland animals, but it was so much more than that! Somewhere in England, a small hare made of real gold was buried, and everything you needed to find it was there in the book.

ImageI think Masquerade is a great example of why puzzles should never be too difficult. I mean, it was really, really hard! The solution involved drawing lines from the eyes of the animals to the letters around the outside of the page, spelling a riddle, and working it out from that! No one got it right – though this being the get-rich-quick era, people tried digging holes all over the place. When it finally was solved, foul play was suspected, kind of ruining the game for everyone.

This lovely clip shows the creator of Masquerade, Kit Williams, being reunited with his masterpiece after 20 years:


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