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Do you believe in ghosts?

ImageDo you believe in ghosts? How about now? Yeah, I’m not sure either, to be honest. A lot of ghosts in photos look eerily like random rock formations or shadows, to me. Some of them are definitely good though… notice anything funny about this picture?

Ghost photos are nothing new. When photography first started cameras needed long exposures, so the Victorians were always getting ghosts in their pictures by mistake. An optical scientist called Brewster was the master of the ghost photo and you can see some fun deliberate ones concocted by him and other mischevious Victorians here and here. Charlatan mediums used camera tricks too.

These days spirit orbs are all the rage with ghost photographers. Spirits are apparently quite shy, and only appear as little glowing balls of light after the film is developed. Chances are the camera flash is just lighting up specks of dust or water in the air. But who knows for sure? Are ghosts real? Have a look through the pictures below and decide for yourself.

RAF mechanic Freddy Jackson was tragically killed in action, but still managed to make it to the group photo two days later.

This sombre soul was captured at the Greenwich Maritime Museum in 1966, by Rev. Ralph Hardy.

This smudgy spook was captured on film in 1936, on the stairs of Raynham Hall in Norfolk.

Reverend K.F. Ford snapped this in his church, in 1954. Obviously the gentleman on the right wasn’t there when he took the picture.

Someone decided to take photos rather than help, when Wem Town Hall was burning down in 1995. They deserve to be haunted by a little girl ghost!


2 Responses

  1. Loved the post and the collection of photos! I’m quite passionate about the paranormal and have done my share of research and I definitely believe in ghosts. You’re right – nowadays, spirit orbs are all the rage. But I don’t think seeing orbs is limited to photos. I’ve been told of instances where orbs have been visible – just like that. A cousin of mine had gone vacationing to a resort surrounded by hills and light forest. She saw lots and lots of orbs one night when they’d gone for a night trek. She’s always been a believer so I wouldn’t question her experience. It’s not the first time something like this has happened to her!

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