Believing the impossible

Moonie wedding

The Unification Church is famous for its mass weddings.

Why do people believe the things they do? It’s something I think about a lot in my job. People do seem to really like believing in things that can’t be proved.

The leader of the moonies, Sun Myung Moon, died recently, but not before collecting millions of followers around the world. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes still can’t be mentioned without Tom’s Scientology. The Queen in Alice Through the Looking Glass managed to believe six impossible things before breakfast!

It’s easy to make fun of these people, (especially Tom Cruise) but have a look at this article! The Christian writer talks about how religion, for him, is about emotion and imagination. Skepticism and atheism are hot at the moment, so to come out and say that is pretty brave.

It certainly seems like life can be more fun if you keep an open mind. Having said that, I’m not sure how much fun David Icke is having in this clip…


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