How not to impress the ladies

The most well-known pick-up artist is probably Neil Strauss, author of The Game. It’s interesting to read about this weird subculture, and one thing’s for sure – he’s a very talented writer.

Check out this funny video of Neil chatting up Jessica Alba. It’s embarrassing to watch but it’s almost impressive when he gets her to talk about herself without mentioning her looks or career. He almost gets her interested – then blows it by talking about how ridiculously nerdy these guys are. His advice:

“Men are always trying to sell themselves to women and brag about what they do… You’ve got to flip the script and make someone who has absolutely no interest in you start selling themselves to you”.

Strauss has talked about the ways pick-up artists use magicians’ psychological techniques and even tricks to wow the ladies. It seems to be very effective. Check out the 70s crime-fighting magician below. This chick simply can’t say no after seeing him pull the head off a dove:


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