I’ve recently been to see the Banksy film “exit through the Giftshop”- what a great film . It is ostensibly a documentary about enigmatic Street artist Banksy but its true subject is the guy who set out to film Banksy and became the star of the show in the process. Thierry is a crazy Frenchman who has spent the last 20 years following graffiti artists with a camera and whose ultimate dream was to meet the illusive Banksy. This film is a fascinating insight into the Street art culture and makes a poignant comment about the modern art world.  I’m not sure how much of the film is real or staged – and I have my doubts as to whether the hooded figure is infact the real Banksy. But if it is him , not only is he an amazing artist, he’s also a pretty funny guy. Banksy says of the film “this is a film about one man who set out to film the unfilmable… and failed.”

Go and see this film.


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